Tarot Royale

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for iPhone and iPod touch

Tarot Royale will not be updated anymore for new devices or functionality. You can check out Tarot du Jour instead, our new tarot reading app, which works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


The ultimate tarot reading for iPhone: you can choose to draw one card for a quick reading, three cards for a more detailed spread, or a full ten-card Celtic cross, with major and minor arcana.

All cards have detailed interpretations displayed in a quick and elegant interface, and you can choose to customize each type of spread to suit your habits.

Whether you want to get a quick orientation at the beginning of your day, or you like to do a full reading to your friends, Tarot Royale is the app for you.


For single-card readings on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, you can now check out our new app, Tarot du Jour, for free.